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Dahmani. M Rafik – Detox Your Brain, Then Reprogramme It For Success

Dahmani. M Rafik – Detox Your Brain, Then Reprogramme It For Success
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Author: Dahmani. M Rafik
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Get The Keys and Be Part Of Successful Peoples, One Step At A Time.
We are sheltered by so much technology and for the most part, life has become much easier. Our childhoods have also become extended to a massive degree and especially in the current generation of youths. Moreover, it means that you don t have any power over your life and it means that you can’t choose to change things. It’s not up to you, it’s to chance! It gets worse too. If you are too used to avoiding responsibility, then chances are that you will avoid taking responsibility for other things in your life too. It means you get to spend the evening on the couch with a bag of chips watching your favorite trashy TV, but in the long term it means you lack the stimulus for growth. And guess what? Growth is perhaps the most important thing we need to be happy, this was exacerbated by the economic crash of the last decade. Many people leaving college struggled to find work, which left them without workplace responsibilities and very often still living with their parents. These days many of us will stay at school until we are 18 and will then attend college for 3, 4 of 6 years after that depending on the amount of qualifications we obtain. Throw in a gap year and some time finding our feet and many of us don’t begin our careers until we are in our mid-to-late-twenties, because you are never still and stable. If you are not going forward, you are going backward.
If you are not growing, you are regressing. If you don’t exercise, then your muscles atrophy, but likewise, if you don’t use your brain and if you don’t challenge your mind, then your brain physically shrinks, but if it’s not, or if it could be working better, then something needs to change.
This change is BRAIN REPROGRAMMING see in this course how you can do it.
What you’ll learn
How to detox brain in short time
Doing some brain programming by changing habits
Be able to avoid failure
Achieve more goals in less time
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
A computer that is connected to the internet (vidéos are not downloadable)
Who this course is for:
Anyone with desire to change habits that will make his life more successful
Anyone who like to accomplish any desired goals in life
Anyone who like to Unlock his full potential and get more out of life
Be free of handcuffs imposed by society

Dahmani. M Rafik – Detox Your Brain, Then Reprogramme It For Success: Videos, PDF
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