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Crystallize Your Niche

Crystallize Your Niche
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How To Increase Your Attractiveness, Value & Impact by Narrowing Your Niche
What you’ll learn
How to define your Target Audience so they can self-identify for your programs
Create your Long Persona Statement – so you know what moves your prospect to purchase
Create your Avatar – to guide your marketing efforts
Create your What-do-I-do Statement – so you can be a powerful networker
Follow the exercises, do some research and complete the workbook
Be open to reviewing something that may appear clear to you now – you might be surprised by what you find!
Does any of this resonate with you?
You’re struggling to get clients. So you feel you have to cast as wide a net as possible.
But that means you can’t get your message across clearly…like exactly who your ideal clients are…or the specific value you offer.
The result? You compromise. You fill your schedule with poor clients. You put aside doing what you love most. You feel yourself losing interest in the business you used to be so excited about.
And all that erodes your confidence in your ability to speak to, connect with, or attract the specific group you care about most.
You are not alone! We all fall victim to what seems like common sense: that a narrower market means less income, less certainty, and helping less people.
But take it from me and my clients, the exact opposite is true.
And now with my “Crystallize Your Niche” program, you can define a focused audience in a way that actually creates an attractive market opening for you.
Some of my clients have gone through my program’s step-by-step process in as little as a weekend, while others take several weeks and go through the exercises multiple times at their leisure.
Either way, just imagine hearing your clients tell you how their lives have changed for the better because the value you deliver is precisely what they want and need – and nothing less.
The exercises and templates to define my audience in Crystallize Your Niche will serve your business strategy, website or online course.
In this course you will learn:
How to define your market
How to narrow your niche
How to deal with multiple audiences
How to create your Persona Statement
How to use your Persona Statements in different business situations
What my clients say:
“Crystallize Your Niche is a great course for anyone dealing with (or anticipating) the frustration of setting up an On-Line Learning Course. Petra brings you back to square ONE, and has you analyze the key questions: WHY are you doing this? WHO is going to benefit from your course? and WHAT can you teach them? OMG! I’ve been trying to do this myself for over a year! Petra was able to curb my excitement and TEACH ME to slow down and plan this course properly. The mantra: Do it right the first time.” (Kathryn Wilking – Feng Shi Consultant)
“I have learned there is more to identifying my audience than meets the eye. I have an understanding of concepts such as socio-graphics and have identified, on paper using an Empathy Map, their pains and gains, giving me a clearer/more concise idea of who I can be of service to and where I might find them.” (Leslie Hopkins – Pilates Instructor)
Each module will deal with a particular challenge of defining your target audience. The workbook will accompany these video tutorials with specific exercises and journaling opportunities, providing you with deep insights into your audience.
Bonus: A guided research exercise will get you even closer to your ideal client.
Here is what my clients say about the experience of Crystallize Your Niche:
“I finally understand who my ideal audience is! Who I’ll love working with! I can’t believe how much more clearly I communicate that in my messaging now”
“Now when I’m networking, I’m so much more confident in my ability to express who my ideal client is…no wonder my contacts find it easier to pass on referrals now.”
“These new tools make it easier than ever to create laser-focused services that deliver more value while appealing to the people I enjoy working with…and they enjoy working with me!”
Make defining your Target Audience the first important step on your entrepreneurial journey! Get crystal clear about your niche!
“Crystallize your Niche cured me from the “be all things to all people disease” and I was able to feel freedom from being more clear about my target audiences.” (Jennifer Deane – Leadership Consultant)
Who this course is for:
You are an Entrepreneur or Solopreneur struggling to get your message across
You are a Business Owners starting out
You are switching your core business and want to focus on a new niche

Crystallize Your Niche: Videos, PDF
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