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Chris Rempel – Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate

Chris Rempel – Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate
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Author: Chris Rempel
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Table of Contents
• Part 1: How to Identify and Tap Into Massive, Existing Demand
• Part 2: The Real Difference Between Making Pocket Change – or a Fortune
• Part 3: Instant, Free Traffic Has Never Been Easier…
• Part 4: The Honest Truth About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Part 5: Drastically Increase Affiliate Income By Creating Your Own Products
• Part 6: Duplication Strategies For Multiplying Revenues Easily
• Conclusion: My Final Rant
• Resources: Tools of the Trade (Not the Usual Crap)

Get Ready For a Lightbulb Moment…
My guess is that you bought my ‘Lazy Affiliate Blueprint’ because you wanted to start seeing some real
cash begin to flow in your web business…
Maybe you’ve dabbled with adsense and make a few bucks a day from your blog. Maybe you already
make a decent living as an affiliate marketer (selling other people’s products), but you sure ain’t driving
a Ferrari yet and won’t be anytime soon unless things take a drastic climb ☺
And maybe you do really well with affiliate marketing – or even have your own products out there, but
perhaps you’re not quite at the point yet where you’re living your idea of an “internet lifestyle”.
Regardless, if you’re like me – you’re always looking for ways to boost profitability, open up some new
avenues of promotion and – oh, hell I’ll just say it – make some easy cash for a change!
If that’s the case, then put on some coffee (or tea, or a frappamachaluccachino or whatever it is you
drink), grab a seat and read every word of my blueprint to discover exactly how to build an easy,
“hands-off” and lasting affiliate income – the smart way…
Important: This course is designed for intermediate-level marketers and webmasters. A basic knowledge of
market research, keyword research, copywriting, web design and marketing terminology is a prerequisite. To
acquaint yourself with these matters, I strongly suggest reading this free ebook first.
Additionally, paid-advertising methods, including Pay-Per-Click search ads are not discussed in this blueprint –
and that’s simply because my methods focus on building free, organic traffic which I deem to be truly “hands off”.

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