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Chris Do – Typography 01 from The Futur

Chris Do – Typography 01 from The Futur
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Typography is the linchpin that holds all of design together.

Let go of your fear of type
Finally look at a page full of type and approach it without intimidation. We help you get there with a systematic curriculum and in-depth training.

Push your limits
Expand your knowledge and understanding of design. Learn the history and application of typography to level up in your career.

Truly understand typography
Erase the mystery that shrouds type. Finally see why and how layouts look good when you implement the principles you learn in this course.

What You Get:
This is the backbone of typography.
Contrast is king. You will learn how to achieve clarity, visual interest and draw in your viewer through these two principles to greatly improve your typography.

Demystify type by breaking it down to its basics.
You will look at works of design through the lens of various grid systems. We break them all down for you so you can see the relationship between objects and draw your own conclusions.

Take a deep dive into the history of type.
Where do we get letterforms from? Go back to the beginning of type, starting with ancient Greek and Roman lettering, all the way through to the modern day digital typesetting of today.

Learn the rules and see them come to life.
Watch Chris as he walks a student through several design assignments and demos. Then, put your knowledge to the test in the homework assignments and bonus content.

Chris Do – Typography 01 from The Futur Contains: Video, PDF´s
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