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Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation Course

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation Course
Original Price: $997
Author: Brennan Dunn
Sale Page :_https://doubleyourfreelancing.com/drip-course/

Grow your audience and increase sales by leveling up your automation game
You know how important email is.

You also know email isnt going anywhere anytime soon, despite whatever the guru-du-jour says about the latest social media platform.

And while marketing automation tools are all the rage right now, theres not much out there that goes beyond the basics to provide advanced and in-depth strategies and tactics on how to use automation to measurably grow your business.

One-size-fits-all is hurting your sales
Many businesses use email marketing software to manage subscribers and send the occasional broadcast newsletter to their list.

If this is all youre doing, youre missing out.
Over the years, Ive gone all-in on marketing automation. My business hums along at 7-figures, mostly on autopilot.

Whats really helped the most has been when I started to segment my audience and provide personalized content to my subscribers and customers, both in the emails I send and on this website.
– Ive created email courses that are hyper-personalized based off whos going through it, and culminate with a weekly pitch for my premium course that drives thousands of dollars a week in new revenue.
– Ive setup advanced webinar registration sequences that capture and SMS subscribers before, during, and after the event, and use have systems in place for using the data I collect to optimize future events.
– My website changes depending on whos looking at it and where they are in my sales funnel. The call-to-actions, language, and even the images change depending on what I know about someone, data that I accumulate through passive subscriber profiling.

And as Ive taken marketing automation to its limits, people started to notice. Ive spoken at numerous conferences about whats possible, and openly shared how automation is helping grow my business.
Ive had a lot of companies approach me, wanting me to do replicate what Ive done for their business.
The only answer I had was hire me for 25,000+ (which was cost prohibitive for 95 of those who asked.)

Introducing Mastering Drip, my self-study course on becoming a marketing automation wizard
Ive created a self-study course that provides over 8 hours of in-depth tutorials on how to create effective and profitable automation sequences for your clients.

Inside youll find lessons on personalized email courses, launch strategies, automatically generating testimonials and upsets, and more. All the strategies and tactics I use for my business, and the businesses of my high-profile clients, are included.

Heres a sample lesson that covers how to create a successful Black Friday sale (that netted 8 per unique email open):
The tool I use for marketing automation Drip, which is one of the most powerful and affordable pieces of software available (free for up to 100 subscribers, paid plans start at 49/month.) But as long as you use an advanced email marketing automation tool, many of the lessons will still apply.
Not only will I teach you how to functionally use Drip, but youll also learn how to setup advanced automation. And best of all, what I cover will help any and all types of businesses: small mom and pops, Fortune 500s, non-profits, churches, personal blogs, and so on.

Youll be able to apply what I teach you to directly and immediately help grow your business.
And theres zero risk to you: If you join the course, go through what I teach, and arent able to generate the results youre looking for I want you to write me for a refund. (Im 100 confident that youre going to totally change the way you work as a result of this course.)

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation Course Contains: Video, PDF´s
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