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Art Sobczak Bob Burg – How to Create a Network of Endless Referrals

Art Sobczak Bob Burg – How to Create a Network of Endless Referrals
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“How to Create a Network of Endless Referrals”

The Audio Seminar Featuring Bob Burg Interviewed by Art Sobczak

Salespeople miss out on huge income potential simply because they don’t understand how to ask for and follow-up on referred leads, or they are uncomfortable doing it. It’s easier than what most people think, or have been taught.

For many, the idea of seeking referrals or “networking” means the stereotypical, slick, fast-talking salesperson sticking a business card into the hand of every person they meet, blabbing about themselves. As a result, many sales people are reluctant to ask for referrals because they fear being perceived as pushy, or worse, somewhat desperate.

In “How to Create a Network of Endless Referrals,” a sixty-minute audio seminar on CD, Bob Burg, along with Art Sobczak, shares the secrets of cultivating an ever-expanding circle of individuals who are eager and willing to help you succeed in growing your business.

“Referred prospects are easier to set appointments with because you’re going in on borrowed influence. It’s easier to close the sale or complete the transaction, because of borrowed trust. Price becomes less of an issue. Referred prospects are already trained. They’re already of the mindset that that’s how you do business, because that’s how they met you.”
Bob Burg

Once you learn the secrets to creating a network of endless referrals, you’ll feel like you’ve put your sales career on automatic-pilot. You’ll no longer worry about where to find your next prospect. In fact, salespeople who know how to get referrals feel less stress, consistently achieve higher results, and have more fun doing it.

You’ll get a proven system for ensuring an almost limitless supply of qualified sales leads, which people will be happy to give to you.

As the leading expert on getting sales referrals, Bob Burg trains corporations and associations both domestically and internationally, including Fortune 500 companies, franchises and numerous direct sales organizations.

He has shared the platform with the legends, experts and personalities such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracey, Dennis Waitley, CNN’s Larry King, radio legend Paul Harvey, Tom Hopkins, Mary Lou Retton, former U.S. President Gerald Ford and many others.

His book, “Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales” has sold well over 175,000 copies and is in its third edition.

In “How to Create a Network of Endless Referrals,”
Bob shares with you the very same methods he has used and taught to others which are guaranteed to create an endless stream of high-quality prospects and referrals, with many of them eagerly spreading the word about you and your product or service. You’ll hear how to,

Overcome your fear of rejection when asking for referrals
Develop a posture which actually draws people to you
Use the “Golden Rule of Networking” to achieve a very huge and dramatic increase in your referral-based business
Increase the amount of fun you have while decreasing your stress
Help people actually come up with names of people to refer you to
Stop sabotaging your own chances for success and overcome the attitude of fear and limiting beliefs

Discover amazing little-known techniques for getting others to truly want to endorse you and your product or service to their friends and associates who can buy from you – and who will also refer you to their friends and associates:

The Law of 250 and how to apply it to building and absolutely enormous, humongous personal sphere of influence
The Walking Ambassador who can help increase your business significantly – get just a few of these people, and your career is made.
The Reward System which will help you get ongoing referrals
“Feel Good” Questions designed to put them at ease and be more receptive to helping you achieve your goals.
The Law of Reciprocity and how it will make them feel so good about you they feel obligated to send others to you.
The Referral Bridge that allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed when asking for referrals.

Put your sales success on cruise control and enjoy the security of having a never-ending network of personal salespeople helping you reach greater levels of income and security.

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