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Angular ASP.NET Core Bootcamp

Angular ASP.NET Core Bootcamp
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Learn how to use latest version of Angular and ASP.NET Core to create interactive websites

What you’ll learn

ASP[dot]NET Core
EF Core


Visual Studio 2019


Hello and welcome to this course. This course is about ASP.NET Core and Angular. This course aims to help you get started quickly in using them. This course targets all levels and will help to get started quickly with your journey in web development using ASP.NET Core and Angular.

Currently Angular is the most well-known and used client-side processing frameworks. Angular was a huge advancement for web development as it introduced web components where you can create a reusable set of HTML elements. Also, you get to have types which is something that was a quite a pleasure to have to aid you in your development process. TypeScript is the static language that provide you with great support for your client side development. Angular since 2.0 is using TypeScript. Angular is growing everyday and the provide support for the versions that they release for a certain amount of time so you can guarantee that you will get updates as needed.

ASP.NET Core is the evolution of ASP.NET. And it’s the most advanced version of ASP.NET so far. It introduces a huge set of features. From the out of the box DI to the kestrel server which currently has an amazing benchmark results if you look around. Not that only, You get to choose where you want it to run inside IIS or in a separate process. Also, you can run it on all platforms Windows Linux or Mac OS as .NET Core can run on any platform. Not that only! You will enjoy the full source code of it and you can go through it to understand the internal parts of it if you want to get deeper with it.

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in learning Angular and how to use it with ASP[dot]NET Core

Angular ASP.NET Core Bootcamp: Videos, PDF
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