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Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton – Parallel Profits

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton – Parallel Profits
Original Price: $2497
You Just Pay: $129.95
Author: Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton
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If you’re tired of ‘going it alone’ and are struggling to get results, discover how you can *TEAR UP THE RULEBOOK* and use a breakthrough approach to…
Team Up With Us, Build A Business That Generates $100,000/year In Profits (From Only 7 Simple Sales)…
Then Scale It Up From $100K…to $300K…and Beyond,
While having other people Do The ‘Grunt-Work’ For You.

In this course your will be learning a business model that will be providing really simple online services to small, local businesses…
Literally any small business – such as stores you’d find in your local mall or main street… or businesses that provide services such as dentists, doctors, car dealerships, plumbers and so on…
You Can Charge Them Hundreds, Even Thousands of Dollars On a MONTHLY Basis To Carry These Services Out.

I know, it sounds like a lot of money to charge… but they’ll love you for it and be happy to pay as you’re providing REAL value that gets them RESULTS.
Basically, it’s a win-win situation.
Now you may think that this sounds complicated, but actually it’s a pretty straightforward process that can be boiled down to 3 simple steps…

STEP 1: You activate your “sales magnets” (that draw in targeted leads).
STEP 2: You turn those leads into customers (using automatic marketing and messaging systems).
STEP 3: Then you deliver the simple services to the customer (which as you will discover in a moment, can actually be done for you).

…Then you replicate the steps to boost customer numbers, sales and profits.
To sum everything up about the business model and your Parallel Profits membership…
The profit margins are EXTREMELY high, you have a VERY small group of customers, the competition is extremely low and you can get RAPID results.
The business model has true longevity, you’ll get recurring income every month and you’ll be selling a high-quality service to a very hungry market.
The profit margins and sheer speed at which you can make serious money is UNRIVALLED by any other online (or offline) business models that we know of.
You’ll only need as little as 7 sales to build a business that makes $100,000 in PROFIT and we’ll show you how to scale it up from $100K… to $300K… and beyond.
It is possible to hit HUGE windfalls sales like the $25,000 sale example that we gave… sums that could be life-changing.
You’re getting all the tools, training and resources you need to run this business including your websites, assets and other custom items done-for-you by us.
You will also get exclusive access to the 3 special bonuses which would usually cost in excess of $10,000 if we were to sell them separately.
If you are just getting started or have failed before, this is the best way we have ever seen to get into gear and hit the ground running.
If you already have an online business, you won’t need to jump ship or shift your focus as most parts of this business can be automated.
You DON’T have to meet with anyone, you DON’T need any internet marketing knowledge and you never need to worry about cash-flow or being out of pocket.
Remember, we have coached and worked with thousands of people from all over the world, helping them to build and scale their online businesses – and we can help you too.

About this GB (from the GB organizer):
All the training: material blueprint and follow up coaching training are shareable.
I am 100% absolutely sure this biz model works because I have been personally doing this for 6 years.
And all this while I am on my own without specialized presentation material etc. And I can confidently say that you can promote with your own personal brand and with Parallel Profits training and presentation material. And once you get the contract / deal, delivery is much much easier than many think. You can do it yourself, or outsource it. It only takes about 1 hour to fully deliver to your client. I charge $1000 to $2000 one off for work which only takes 1 to 2 hours max.
And there are recurring monthly charges too which I charge.
So for this biz model to work, we don’t need to partner with them. We just need their blueprint, and materials and guide how to scale.

PRICE: You can get this course with only $129.95

Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_Ebusinesstores@gmail.com Or Skype_Macbus87

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