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Agora – Media Buying Bootcamp 2019

Agora – Media Buying Bootcamp
Original Price: $3000
You Just Pay: $79.95 (One Time – 98% Off)
Sale Page:_https://themfanation.com/aft-closed
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_Ebusinesstores@gmail.com Or Skype_Macbus87


“The Never Revealed Before System Responsible For QUADRUPLING Their Business And Generating 4,000+ New Customer Sales PER DAY!”
Because of Todd’s unique relationship with AgoraFinancial, the 800 lb. direct response market gorilla, we are about to release something that has never been available before …the Media Team inside AgoraFinancial is training their new media buyers…
They are equipping and grooming their army of media buyers, the same ones responsible for aggressively buying mass traffic that has allowed Agora to generate over 4,000 new buyers every single day!
So how do they train these media buyers to become experts at aggressive scaling?
What do they do that is so dramatically different than every other company that is allowing them to acquire over 4,000 new customers EVERY DAY?
And how can you apply the same exact insider media buying strategies to exponentially grow your own business in a way you never imagined possible?

Because of Todd’s truly unique relationship with Agora we have been given permission to record this entire internal Agora Media Training.
Yes, the same exact training happening live now.
The same exact insider trade secrets they are sharing with their newest crackshot media buyers.
And we will be making it available for an extremely short window, about 7 days at the end of October.
It is my humble opinion this will be THE definitive traffic generation and media buying program released in 2018.

And the BUZZ will be insane.
First, what is going to be shared from inner workings of the $1 Billion Dollar financial giant have NEVER been shared before publicly.And remember, this is not a “product”. This is their internal training that they have given us exclusive permission to slip a camera into the room and record.
Second, the buzz around Agora Financial in general is getting bigger and bigger. Not in the least because it is the most profitable and fastest growing division within Agora. And as evidenced by the wildly successful promotion of the Agora Copy School.
Third, TRAFFIC is what everyone wants. It is the topic everyone wants more of. It is always the hot topic. And again, we’re talking about the insider trade secrets of one of the most most wildly successful mass media buyers.

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